Terms and Conditions

The tour operator for Famous Tours is Expres Moto Curier, a travel agency with registered office in Bucharest, no 2, Colentina Street, Romania, duly registered with the Trade Registry of Bucharest under no. J40/6918/2009, Sole Registration Code RO25672074, legally represented by Cristi Dragan as Administrator.

I. Booking This Service

Reservation of the tour will be done by payment of the required deposit mentioned in each tour offer. Based on the payment, an invoice will be sent to you via email within 2 working days. The deposit is required 10 days in advance before the start date of the tour. The rest of the money will be paid on arrival. Famous Tour will not accept any participant without advance payment. Reservation of the tour is made based your signature on the booking form accepting these Terms and Conditions as a biding contract between Famous Tours and you, as a client.

II. Motorcycles.

In case a participant rides his own motorcycle, no payment related to his motorcycle (insurance, gas, repairs, etc…) will be done by Famous Tours.
In case the participant wants to rent a motorcycle from Famous Tours, then he/she must pay a safety deposit of 500 - 1000 Euro at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the motorcycle is returned undamaged and in good condition. The deposit will be refunded after establishing that the motorcycle was returned in good condition. All motorcycles are insured with Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance. The rental period is not interrupted due to damage to the motorcycle or the inability of the participant to ride the motorcycle. The participant must have two years old driving license.

III. Changes, Refunds, and Cancellations

Changes have to be done by email at least 45 days before the tour starts.
Refunds (when necessary) are transferred back to the owner's bank account.
Cancellations will be done free of charge if it is claimed at least 45 days before the tour starts. If the cancellations will not be claimed in the mentioned period, Famous Tours reserves the right to withhold part of the deposit for any costs that may occur.

IV. Miscellaneous

The participant is complied to respect the traffic rules and he is responsible for the tickets that may occur during the tour. Every participant needs a valid motorcycle license to take part in the tour. The participant is responsible for complying with passport and visa regulations and takes responsibility for consequences resulting from non-compliance.
A participant must be fully aware of the risks and dangers involved in outdoor activities like swimming, water rafting, rock climbing or any other activity potentially suggested as a supplementary activity to the tour and accepts full liability.
Famous Tours recommends that participants of the tour take out adequate travel, health and accident insurance.
Famous Tours attempts to schedule its tours at a time when the weather is suitable for motorcycling. Many tours pass through areas where weather conditions can change. Famous Tours is not responsible for difficult weather conditions and no refunds will be made for such conditions.

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