Off-Road Training Enduropark


23.05.2024 – 26.05.2024
11.07.2024 – 14.07.2024
08.08.2024 – 11.08.2024
17.10.2024 – 20.10.2024

If you’re new to off-road riding or want to improve your skills, an Enduropark is an excellent place to start. Enduroparks are dedicated training facilities where riders can learn and practice off-road techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

At the Enduropark MOTO-HUB Rent&Tours you’ll have access to a variety of terrain types, including hills, turns, and obstacles such as logs and rocks. The instructors at the Enduropark MOTO-HUB Rent&Tours are experienced riders who will guide you through the fundamentals of off-road riding and provide tips and advice to help you improve.

One of the essential skills you’ll learn on the training day at an Enduropark MOTO-HUB Rent&Tours is balance and control. In off-road riding, the terrain is often unpredictable, and maintaining balance on your motorcycle is crucial. You’ll learn how to shift your weight, position yourself on the bike, and use your body to control the motorcycle. You’ll also learn techniques for braking and accelerating on different types of terrain.

The next days will include off-road tours through mountain ranges and trails where previously learned techniques will be put into practice. Our instructors will always be around to observe, correct and give advice.

You can participate in Off-Road Training Enduropark MOTO-HUB Rent&Tours with any adventure motorcycle.

Staying in a single room and ride your own bike – 490, -euro
Sharing a double room and ride your own bike – 390, -euro

Single room and rent a bike:
BMW F900GS – 990, -euro
BMW R1300GS – 1090, -euro

Double room and rent a bike:
BMW F900GS – 890, -euro
BMW R1300GS – 990, -euro

Price includes:

  • 3 nights accommodation in hotels with breakfast included
  • 2 lunches
  • beverages for training day
  • one day training in Enduropark
  • two days off-road tour
  • section training on the riding days
  • IIA BMW Motorrad Off-road Instructor
  • MHRT goodies


Individual trainings
Now you can have a certified BMW Motorrad instructor just for you! You can sign up at any time for a 1-on-1 individual training, for a thorough preparation on off-road.
Individual training offers the opportunity to focus on your interests, your needs for improvement and preparation for off-road.
Also, if you have a group of friends with whom you want to participate in such off-road training, we can offer you a customized package, especially for you!

Dates & prices only on request.