Greece & Albania Tour

This tour is your best chance to enjoy all what these countries have to offer you. The time of the year, the routes, the itinerary, and accommodation are all carefully selected to guarantee a unique experience.  And most important, it is not only about riding: You will also get to know about the history, culture, archaeology, cuisine, customs, wines of the areas visited and enjoy these countries nature and everyday life from firsthand.

Day 1: Athens arrival
Welcome to Athens!
We will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel. The hotel is situated in the center of Athens. At the hotel you will meet with the other participants at this tour. According with the time of the arrival, it is possible to have time for a walk through the city center or on the promenade or visit Acropolis. In the afternoon, at 6 PM we will meet for an introductory meeting and in the evening, we will have all together the welcome dinner.

Day 2: Athens – Monemvasia – 360 km
Today we will start our motorcycle tour to the Peloponnese Peninsula. On our way to the Peloponnese, we will admire the famous Greek Canal that connects the Gulf of Corinth and the Aegean Sea. Next stop will be in Epidaurus, the birthplace of Apollo’s son. We visit “the Epidaurus Theatre” included in the World Heritage List and the sanctuary of Asclepius. We will cross the picturesque villages Astros, Leonidio and Skala.

Day 3: Monemvasia – Pylos – 340 km
We will pass through the picturesque villages of Astros, Leonidio and Skala. Monemvasia was separated from the mainland by an earthquake in 375 BC. and was founded by the Byzantines in the 6th century. Most of the ruins of the 800 houses are found in the town. The oldest church is St. Paul’s Church, which was built in 956.

Day 4: Pylos – Ancient Olimpia – 200 km
We continue our motorcycle tour to the North of the Peloponnese. We cross a wild area where you see orange groves, olive and lemon trees, sheep, goats, and their pastors. This is the real Greece, as it was hundreds of years ago. We will finish our trip in the beautiful and famous city of Olympia. It is known as the birthplace of the Olympic Games. After we reach the hotel we will visit the ruins of the Olympic Stadium, Temple of Hera, and Zeus sanctuary.

Day 5: Ancient Olympia – Lefkada – 200 km
Today we leave the Peloponnese Peninsula and continue our tour to Lefkada Island, the island with the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Day 6: Lefkada – free day

Day 7: Lefkada – Sarande – 190 km
As we leave Lefkada, we pass numerous bays, harbors, and beaches to get closer to Sarande in Albania. After we cross the border, we must take a wooden ferry to reach the ruins of the old town Butrint. Butrint National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country. Several major monuments are still extant including the city walls, late-antique baptistery, theatre, great basilica, and Venetian castles.

Day 8: Sarande – Girokaster – 255 km
We start our day on Ioanian Coast and then we’ll ride to Tirana, the capital of Albania. We will ride our motorcycles along the coast with the sea on the left side and the mountains on the right side. The spectacle of the beautiful mountains into the Ionian see makes it worth riding and enjoying the view. We will spend the night in Tirana. Tirana is the city where old and new Albania meets. In the evening we will take a walk and discover the town.

Day 9: Girokaster – Meteora – 200 km
A fantastic day is waiting for us! We will ride our motorcycles through the Albanian Alps, on challenging roads with beautiful landscape perfect for pictures. We continue our motorcycle tour Ioanina and we will cross the border back to Greece.

Day 10: Meteora – Delphi – 280km
Our motorcycle tour takes us today to Thermopylae, where we can admire the statue of Leonidas, the brave king of Sparta. We continue the ride through mountains, and we enjoy winding roads and scenery until we reach Delphi. Delphi was built in the 6th century before Christos, and it may be included in the Top 10 Places to Visit from the whole world. Here you can find the Temple of Apollo and the sanctuary of Athena.

Day 11: Delphi – Athens – 170 km
We continue our tour to Athens, but before that we will cross the sacred Mount Helicon, bays and beaches and we stop to visit the Temple of Poseidon.

Day 12: Athens departure
Hope you enjoyed the tour, and we wish you a happy journey home.