How long do we ride per day ?
Between 150 and 300 km per day, depending on the difficulty of the road and the tourist attractions scheduled. We will have each day pauses for lunch, coffee, time to take pictures and for visiting.
What time do we leave in the morning?
We leave around 9:00-10:00 a.m., after having breakfast.
What time do we arrive in the evening?
We will arrive at the hotel around 16:00-17:00 p.m., depending on the length of the tour and the tourist attractions.
How are the roads in Romania?
All the roads are in good or very good shape for riding.
Is the parking safe for our motorcycles?
The parking is secured and inside hotels or pensions. The security of the parking is an important criterion in organizing the tour.
Which are the legal conditions for riding in Romania?
You need to have a valid driving license and alcohol drinking is completely forbidden.
Can I come with a pillion rider?
Of course. Our purpose is that you enjoy the ride as much as possible.
Are the hotels in Romania ok?
Yes, the hotels are ok. All accommodations will be made in 3 *** and 4**** hotels and pensions, carefully selected.
Do people in Romania talk English?
Most of the people talk English. Anyway, your guide speaks English and will help you when needed.
Is a trip to Romania cheaper than to other countries in Europe?
Certainly it is cheaper.. The prices for accommodation are small and food and drinks are very cheap in Romania.
Which is the speed for riding?
Because we don’t want to get speeding tickets, we will respect the speed limitations.
Is the helmet necessary during riding?
Yes, in Romania it is compelling to wear a helmet during riding.
What kind of clothes should I bring with me?
All our tours include mountain areas as well as field areas. It is better for you to have clothes for different temperatures and, of course, bathing suits.