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Are you longing for adventure? Do you like challenges? Do you want adrenalin? If the answer to these questions is YES, Campina-Sinaia in Romania is the ideal place for you. We at Enduro Romania offer you the possibility to enjoy wonderful landscapes in the middle of the wild nature, and to live unforgettable enduro days.

Come and live unique experiences in the Campina-Sinaia circuits! Enduro Romania organizes 1 day circuits, from 4 to 8 hours, about 80-120km. After a long day admiring the beauty of the nature, the circuit ends going back to accommodation, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere: Augsburg House

The Challenge…


Enduro Romania proposes a simple thing: to enjoy yourself. You can rent a motorcycle from us, or you can bring your own, in which case we can provide transport for it from Germany to Romania.

You’ll have no worries about transport from airport to the location, accommodation, equipment, clothes/motorcycle washing or experienced guides, because we will take care of all necessary details for you comfort and safety.

Accept the challenge to be free!

Our objective is to provide clients the highest quality enduro tour services. For this we organize the entire trip, from client and motorcycle transportation to accommodation, equipment, guides or clothes and motorcycle washing.

Having all assured, all you have to do is enjoy the charm of exploring the wild areas in the Carpathian Mountains. You’ll discover mountains, hills and forests that will definitely create great memories.

Say YES to our challenge! We’re waiting for you.

Accommodation is assured at Augsburg House (details on www.casaaugsburg.ro), a modern guest house in a spectacular area.
Augsburg House will guarantee your full recovery after a long day on the motorcycle, offering you pool, steam bath, fitness, solarium, games or a relaxing massage.



– Bad weather (heavy rain)
– Injuries (you can not drive anymore)
– Technical failure (the custom motorcycle is damaged so that a repair it in this period is no longer possible)



Excursions, sauna, massage, heated pool 32 degrees, etc


Additional information:

– motorcycle license is not required (we go in the forest)
– there are no restrictions in the forest to drive unless it is to national parks or find an authorized hunting instead
– medical care is good and there are good contacts to the local hospital
– medical evacuation insurance should be available
– our guide is very experienced and has very good technical knowledge
– workshop for motorbikes is near
– swimsuit will not forget

From April to November


»transportation from airport
(85 km – 1 hour drive)
»motorcycle transfer
Germany-Romania (round trip)
»experienced guide 10€ /day/person
»clothes and motorcycle washing 7€ /day/person
»motorcycle + equipment rent 100€ /day/person
»gasoline ca. 15-20€ /day
»penalty for damage to
motorcycle (max.)
»Organized village food
with drinks
20€ /person
»Organizing trips without
motorcycles, as Bucharest,
Castles, etc…
On request


» We offer you complete equipment (boots, helmet, protection, etc.)

»The gasoline of the guide will be distributed to the group.

»Minimum number of participants is 5 people. For smaller groups by appointment only.



»accommodation in 3 person
apartment + breakfast
40€ /night/person
»accommodation in single
room + breakfast
55€ /night
»halfbord supplement
without drinks
15€ /pers


»Our bikes are all equipped with electric starter and have new or like-new tires. If a rental motorcycle is damaged in the forest, we provide a spare bike available.


YAMAHA WR 250 29 PS NR 69 Beginner 1
YAMAHA WR 250 29 PS NR 9 Beginner 1
YAMAHA WR 250 29 PS NR 49 Beginner 1
KTM FREERIDE 350 25 PS NR 99 Beginner 1
(very easy to drive)
HUSABERG 390 52 PS NR 50 Beginner 2
YAMAHA WR 450 41 PS NR 15 Beginner 2
YAMAHA WR 450 41 PS NR 5 Beginner 2
YAMAHA WR 450 41 PS NR 25 Beginner 2
HUSKY 510 60 PS NR 13 Advanced
HUSKY 510 55 PS NR 77 Advanced
HONDA 450 58 PS NR 19 Advanced


For further information please contact us.

» Payment required for reservation – 50, -EURO
The payment will be done by PayPal or by bank transfer.