BMW GS Dry Suit & Allround Boots Review

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All this years of motorcycle tours tough me that the gear is essential. Good boots, comfy gloves and a nice jacket will make all the difference when you ride from dusk to dawn, close to 12 hours a day, through hot weather, rain, freezing temperatures in the mountains or even snow. At the start of the season I have bought all my gear from BMW Motorrad Romania. A BMW GS Dry jacket and pants and a pair of BMW Allround Boots. And I have to say that I am overwhelmed after the first couple of months.

Take the last week for example. Riding more than 2000 kilometers through a rainy South-Eastern Europe, I have managed to arrive nice and dry every evening at the hotels. The BMW GS Dry jacket and pants are more than capable of going through a full day of heavy rain without letting the water penetrate the materials they are made from. And the best part is that, even though we are talking about a waterproof motorcycle suit, the GS Dry is not at all to hot on warm days. With vents under the arms and on the upper and lower back, the jacket vents itself well even on low speeds. The pants do not come with any vents, but curious enough they keep the hot temperature away from your legs.

The BMW Allround Boots are, first of all, very comfortable. It is a great asset if you think about a pair of boots that will serve you well when riding long days and walking when you make some pitstops on the way. Also, the water did not penetrate them, not even in heavy rains.


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